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ZZ plant question

10 years ago

This is my ZZ plant. I'm wondering if it's at all normal for the stalks of leaves to occasionally uproot and fall over - sometimes even the new growth. It gets some light - not direct ligh - ad adjacent to a window in my living room. I water it about once a week. It's in regular indoor/outdoor potting soil. I've owned it for almost a year, I've probably had about 6-8 stalks uproot over that time - some old some new. When this happens it's usually mushy and soft at the base of the stalk. Sometimes the leaves discolored first but other times the leaves looked good when it fell over. I don't think it was due to overwatering because for the first 6 months I had it, it was in very low light spot, and I only watered it about once a month, but it still uprooted sometimes. Then I repotted it and moved to a brighter location, and began watering more frequently. Photos below.



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