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very old Peace rose survives

10 years ago

We have, or had, a Cl Peace in our garden, planted right next to the driveway by my DH's grandfather. By the time we moved in 24 years ago, it had been surrounded by a huge pomegranate thicket, which was about 15 ft high and 20 ft wide. The Peace rose was climbing, I think to survive. It grew up through the canopy of the pomegranates, to where there was some light. I have been meaning to root it for at least 15 years, because we think it was planted in the late 1940s, and the blooms were amazing - I figured it might be a better cultivar than those on the market now. Anyway, of course I never did anything about it, and in the last 2 months it suddenly died completely. There was only one cane coming out of the ground, which then split into about 4 which were way up in the light, all of which died. At about 65 years old, I can't really complain. So, my DH cut it down. He was just getting around to digging out the stump (and I was sadly realizing I had missed the opportunity to root it), when he noticed some tiny new growth coming out of the lower part of the trunk (see pic). It was originally grafted, I know, because 20 years ago I pulled out some Dr. Huey suckers. But I hadn't seen any since then, so it is probably on its own roots. That is moot, however, because the new shoots are coming right out of the old trunk (and there is a tiny basil shoot emerging from the old bud union). It is still in dark shade, so my current plan is to protect the baby shoots from our deer and squirrels, and hope they get big/long enough so that I will eventually be able to root them. Then my old old Peace will be planted in the SUN, where it deserves to be. I am just amazed at how long it lived, and that it is still alive at all. One tough rose!


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