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Photos of Peony/Floppy /Tall Perennial Cages We Make

13 years ago

We have over 120 peonies in our gardens,and many tall perennials that flop, so we make our own cages. Here's what we devised: we buy 4 tier tomato cages and cut them just ABOVE the lowest horizontal ring. We cut squares of 2"grid Hardware Cloth big enough to just fit the circle of the top rung on the tomato cage,then we bend the corners of the hardware cloth over/around the top hoop of the tomato cage. When we place the cage over the plant,we push down the tomato cage low enough that the peony's new foliage begins to grow up through the cage, and the 'legs' go into the ground and anchor the plant. When the peonies are headed for their tallest height and are well grown into/anchored by the cage, we lift the feet out of the ground, raising the cage higher to support the blooms.

these cages are also useful for perennials that flop- like clematis integrifolia and veronicastrum and cimicifuga and eupatorium. The cages rust and blend in with the ground.

We use wire cutters or bolt cutters. hope this is helpful.

best, mindy
{{gwi:272223}}From GARDEN WEB PEONY CAGES
{{gwi:272224}}From GARDEN WEB PEONY CAGES
{{gwi:272225}}From GARDEN WEB PEONY CAGES

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