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rhododendrons in full sun in Atlanta?

16 years ago

I am wondering how much sun the "sun and heat-tolerant" rhododendrons can take? Can they take full sun in the South (Atlanta)? Its an east-facing spot on quite a slope, and gets sun from about 9am-6pm with only brief periods of shade.

I'm thinking specifically about Nova Zembla and Vulcan Flame, but if anyone has any other recommendations, that would be wonderful, or are there no hybrids that would make it in that heat?

We bought our house last year and I was convinced we had a mostly dappled shade front yard. However, this was based on the sun patterns in Oct-Nov, but now that the sun is so much higher it turns out we have full sun, even with the surrounding trees leafed out.

I have also planted Holden (looks happy enough, is flowering now, but the blooms are short-lived -- is that because it has too much sun?), Scintillation, and Maximum Roseum, and from what I've read online it seems that these will need to be moved to a shadier spot -- is that correct? But I'm curious whether the Noza Zembla could stay there (it also looks happy so far) or whether any other hybrids might work.

Thanks for your advice.

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