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My found rose

10 years ago

I'll start by saying that I'm a complete novice concerning old roses. Before this year I have only grown modern roses - well...see below for the old rose that got me intrigued about old roses.

Now, I see a lot of posts asking for identification of some old pink rose found growing behind the barn, and while I admire the expertise that goes into such amazing feats, I realize it's a lot to expect. So I am setting my hopes way lower that that. All I want to know is what KIND of rose this is. Honestly I barely know a rugosa from a bourbon I'm so wet behind the ears.

Here's The history.

Three years ago we cleared some scrubby woods at the edge of our property and I found a few pink roses among the weeds under pine boughs that had been pulled down by grapevine. I've followed the growth and I can see that the rose has migrated over the years from the old abandoned gardens from the home next or the woods have overtaken the gardens, hard to tell which. No one has tended a garden in that area for generations, and it's an 18th century home, so the rose could be any age.

So I rescued a patch of them and gave them a bit of TLC. Last year I got a lot of nice foliage and a handful of wimpy blooms, honestly I wondered if it was a wild rose until I saw the beautiful full blossoms this year. What you see below is this year's crop. Very fragrant. It's been blooming for about two weeks and almost done.



A different looking blossom, but from the same plant


The whole plant, or rather colony


Fuzzy buds




Encroaching where it doesn't belong


An older cane with some new growth - very thorny on the lower growth.


So folks, what kind of rose do I have?? Kind thanks for helping me solve this mystery.

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