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Winter Sowing for Plant Sales

14 years ago

After I got my "new digs" yesterday, I could absolutely see the setup as being perfect for a plant sale. So here I am today thinking about the "how to" of it all. I got some good thoughts over on this thread, but figured it was a good time to be thinking about the how-to of doing a 'first year' sale that may or may not include any perennials.

So let's talk about how you do your plant sales!

My initial thoughts:
Dates: People are in 'planting' mode throughout June. I'd go so far as to say that anything after that is pushing your luck at least around here, unless you were doing a second one later in the season (Mid-late July or early August) when things start peetering out and people are looking for refresher flowers for dead things.

Cups. Must WS in cups. What SIZE cups? Will a 6 or 8oz size work, or should they be in a larger size? I just don't want to be off-setting any good sale prices by using too much soil. Or maybe I should just stick to the milk-jugs and just sow lightly- like a 6 or 8 or 10-pack of seedlings for $3. Could certainly do this with the 20-cent packs at WM.

OR...would you be inclined to simply sow everything in the milk jugs and then put each one in those fancy 6-pack trays for the sale? I don't want to have extra costs for supplies, but people are finicky...presentation is everything. Maybe dixie cups?

Prices? Obviously, this is a YMMV thing, but in general, around here I think 6-pack annuals go for just under $3 these days. Problem with competing with that price is the size of THEIR $3 plants vs mine, which wouldn't be nearly that size OR in bloom. So I'd have to lower mine for certain, which means smaller plants, and smaller prices. Which is OK, but you gotta make it all up in volume, I'd think.

perennials. I wouldn't have any this year. I'm thinking to have DH til me up a holding bed for perennials that I can plant out, and then do a 'dig your own' sale next year for those, providing I don't make a mess of the bed (or I can dig it for them, and use grocery bags to transport them in)

What else?

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