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Need Advice on Loud Repeating Healthy Climber

15 years ago

Greetings. I've got a rather large trellis on the front of my galvanized metal sided barn (hideous). The trellis is triangular with about an 18ft spread at the top and it's about 15 ft tall. I've painted it a plum color. I had originally thought of putting Mermaid on it, and I actually moved my Mermaid to this spot, but, alas, she died. On second thought, I think Mermaid may be too aggrressive for this trellis. The spot gets full baking sun until around 3pm then it's shaded (still very light, but not in direct sun). I'd like suggestions for some climbers. I'd like a healthy (no spray), repeating, loud climber. Subtlety should be avoided at all costs! I'm considering a few that I have already that should probably be relocated: Pink Mermaid (does this get large? repeat?); Dortmund (size? repeat?); Jaune Desprez (too subtle?); Cecile Brunner (too subtle? size?); Nur Mahal (size? repeat?); Parade (size? repeat?); Clair Matin (size?)

These are some of the roses I could move to the spot..or I'd be happy to add another rose entirely!!!!


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