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Another clearance rack score story....

15 years ago

At Lowes. I bought a May Night Salvia in a 2qt. container for $1. They have three more May Night, a Purple Marcus (correct name?) and a Freisland. All $1 each. I left the others as I have no real place for them right now, but I'll be kicking myself later for doing it. Sure, the tall foliage is brown and dead looking, but don't people know all you have to do is cut those stalks off? The center of the plant is alive and putting out more leaves.

I saw two Pink Anemones (according to tag) for only $2 each. I saw a lady have one of those on her cart. I should have bought that at least, always can find room for anemones. I kept thinking if someone was trying to start a perennial bed, all they need do is spend $10,and they'd have a great start. But most people overlook a plant when it has brown leaves.

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