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Clay soil eating up amendments

13 years ago

I've had my garden beds going for about 4 years now (some more, some less). I have red clay soil and I made raised beds, some mixed with the soil and some done as a lasagne bed where the weeds were bad and I had to smother the weeds with cardboard.

What I've found is the clay soil eats through the organic matter very fast. Leaves and compost goes very quickly. They are gone before the end of the season. Peat moss and woody pieces last longer (thankfully) but I think on average they seem to be gone in about a two year span.

I will add some more peat moss again this year as a "long" lasting soil conditioner and I'll also add the quick decomposing leaves and some manure, but will the process of going through soil additions slow down eventually? Mixing my soil thoroughly with amendments makes the soil much better to work with. The soil I started with...well...I could have made some beautiful clay pots out of. I'm really hoping that at some point the peat moss will last the three or four years that it's supposed to by other folk's accounts.

Anyone have experience with long term (say 10 years) soil amendment?

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