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ordering from Chamblee's

15 years ago

I have never ordered any plants from the internet, so I am not sure how it works. I want to order three roses for next spring: Pink Double Knockout, Carefree Sunshine and Ramblin' Red. Chamblee told me I could order and pay for the roses now and have them delivered in the spring. I am kinda worried about buying them now and have the roses delivered months from now. Are they good about deliverying the roses on the some what correct date? Should I wait until a later date closer to when I want to plant the roses to order?

The other problem I have is I do not know what date to have them delivered. Is first week of April a good time for delivery? My other roses came from Lowes and I planted them in the first part of May of this year, but I would have liked to plant them earlier. I appreciate any advice!


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