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Anyone out there grow Ornamental Rhubarb? Question...

This past spring I picked up a lovely looking Rheum palmatum var. tanguticum at a local plant sale. When I got it the plant had a couple large leaves plus a couple ones that unfurled a month or so later. After that, once it got hot out, the leaves began to yellow/brown/die off one by one. Now it is down to two leaves on the plant, with one starting to discolor.

With my other 'culinary' rhubarb it is normal for it to die back in summer and then put on new foliage later. Are the ornamental rheum the same? Should I expect the plant to put on more foliage after all the leaves die (which I kind of think they will)? Or does it sound more as if it were truly dying? The spot I have it in now is pretty good I think. It can dry out here, but I haven't let it since planting the rheum there. Gets some morning and filtered early afternoon sun, but shade the rest of the day. If you think it is not happy planted here I DO have a large wine barrel planter behind my shed that I could plant it in. It stays very cool and shady in this area and I would be sure to keep the planter well watered and mulched with compost.

Thanks for any info (and reassurance, lol!) you can give. ;-)


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