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Heirloom Roses Annual Summer Sale - Anyone Going?

14 years ago

Hello! I just got my postcard for the Big Sale. It will be on August 8, 9 and 10th. All bands 3 & 5 Gallon for $7.95. No sales tax in Oregon and no shipping charges! Whoo -hoo!

I went last year, it was incredible. Tons of roses. Lots of OGR's and LOTS of Austins. (obscure Austins too)

Unfortunately, I won't be going. I just got back from a week in Portland and will have company here that week of the sale. :o(

Which is probably a good thing as I have about 20 rooted cuttings that need homes and about 10 roses in the pot ghetto that need planting.

There are a few I would really like to get, but I am beginning to notice that all of my roses are starting to look alike, so I probably don't need them.

(Sure, just keep telling yourself that.....)

Anyway, to anyone going, hope you find what your looking for and Happy Hunting at the sale!

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