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Sprouting? Storm coming? Take a Leap of Faith.

13 years ago

The story.

Up until a couple of years ago, my daughter and I always had a 'sprouting' contest to see who's container would sprout the earliest. She would sow her Bachelor Buttons and I would sow some Alyssums and Sweet Williams. Every year her BBs sprouted the earliest, but a few years back her sprouts showed-up in mid/late March and by early April we had taken the top off completely.

On April 11th of that year we had an ice storm which dumped 2 inches of ice everywhere. Later that day I thought about the BBs. When I went to see the container, sure enough the BBs were covered in ice with only little tips showing at the tops. I didn't do anything. I mean, the damage was done right?

Two days later I was checking the container coral on the deck as the ice had melted and lo and behold, the BBs were still standing strong. We planted them in late April (our last frost date time) and they bloomed all summer long.

I'm writing this because there are a few posts emerging about sprouts being out and storms and frosts coming and "what should I do?".

Trudi says to take a leap of faith, Bakemom forbids us to coddle, and my motto is survival of the fittest.

I now keep the covers handy to place them back on the container but that's as far as I go and sometimes I forget to do it or just don't have the time so as I leave the driveway I tell my sprouts to 'ride the storm'. No bringing inside or moving to another area. Not once have I ever lost a perennial or H-HH annual.

Now tropicals or tender annuals are another story...

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