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support for a climbing rose

15 years ago

I have a climbing rose on the corner of my porch. I am tying horizontal canes to the porch railings themselves, however the corner post is a big, 8 x 8 square post, which is hard to attach the canes to (you have to tie all the way around it if you want to avoid a bunch of nail holes). Also, I'm thinking that this (in my black spot prone area) also doesn't provide much air circulation to those upright canes. Never mind what happens when we have to paint the post again! It's too tall for a pre-made trellis (15 feet). Does anyone have suggestions for a support I could use just for the upright canes to keep them a bit away from the post? I thought about building a narrow trellis with copper piping - but I'm afraid thick enough piping to be sturdy would also be cost-prohibitive in copper...

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