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I think I have too many leaves.

11 years ago

I was always a firm believer in keeping as many leaves as possible as mulch to return nutrients and organic matter to the soil. Until now.

I just bought a new house on Friday. On Saturday we rented a powerful, push-behind leaf-blower. We had 5 adults and three pre-teens, plus (thank the stars) the new neighbors' gigantic tractor/vacuum/mulcher. Working steadily, it took us about 6 hours to pick up and transfer to the back woodlands all of the oak leaves on the ground. The entire hill behind the house is now buried in about three feet of mostly-mulched oak leaves.

My question. If there are any wildflowers living in that back woodland area, will they be able to find their way up through all of those leaves? I was planning to create a woodland habitat back there. But I'm going to need to put the leaves somewhere. Hoping to hear some reassuring words. I think I'll post over at the composting/mulch forum, too.


P.S. This is re-posted from the wintersowing forum.

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