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Our mighty Elm has died

12 years ago

Our Elm has been in obvious decline for 4 years. This year, due to warmer temps earlier than usual, it leafed out early as did all trees around here. The elm began loosing some leaves soon after leafing out, then we had a couple nights of below freezing temps. The rest of it's leaves fell en-mass. A few new leaves emerged, but dried up and fell soon after. Now it is completely bare. The tree has been a landmark in this neighborhood for nearly 100 years. We have called for estimates to have it taken down. Our plan is to leave 25 to 35 feet of trunk standing for the woodpeckers. The trunk splits into two trunks at about 15 feet. My question is...would you like to guess what it will cost to do this? We would want everything cleaned up and hauled away. This is in Western PA overhanging a heavily traveled state road. Telephone, electric and cable lines are on the far side of the two lane road involved. When I get some estimates, I will post them here.


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