How to best send a rose bush to my mother, from my garden?

8 years ago

Last year I grew two rose bushes from cutting's of my Grandma's old rose bush she grew back in Nebraska. My Aunt, who now takes care of the rose at her house, after my Grandma passed away many years ago, had FEDEX'd me the clipping and I was able to get two nice rose bushes from them in my garden.

I want to send one of these mid sized rose bushes to my Mom in Lincoln California, since this was her mother's rose back in Nebraska, when she was younger. Thought she deserved to have one and would be special to her.

I live in Westchester New York. I am wondering if I should remove the rose bush from the ground now and place it in a pot and then FEDEX it to her around November...or even take it on the airplane with me. What would you all suggest at the best method to send her the rose bush...and when?

Thanks very much. - Steve

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