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Please help me save my Mr. Lincoln Rose Tree

12 years ago

This summer, I have had some major die back on my Mr. Lincoln red tree rose. This is the second tree rose I have had in this location. The trunk of the first tree rose snapped in half during an ice storm, and I replaced it with my Mr. Lincoln. I also have Mr. Lincoln shrub roses planted around the base of the tree rose. Everything was fine for the first 2 years, but this year there seems to be less growth on the tree rose and more on the shrub roses that surround it. Also, I have had suckers grow up around the rose that put out pink blooms which must be due to the first and second tree rose cross breeding? Not sure about that!

This spring, I only had 4 green canes on the tree rose. I pruned to slow down blooming, hoping that the tree would put it's energy into leaf and cane growth. Gradually over the summer, the rose has just become more spindly and sadder- I think it might be canker, but I need your help here on the forum. I have pictures that I would be glad to post, if someone will tell me how. Thanks in advance for the expert advice!!

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