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What's your favorite scent in mauve roses?

12 years ago

I have these mauve: Wise Portia, Heirloom, and Deep Purple (almost thornless). All are healthy, no blackspot, so I'll get more mauve, my favorite color.

I had Angel Face before but I don't care for its lemon scent. What's your favorite scent in mauve? I will plant them in pots, and winterize in my garage. I'm interested in the height, so rabbits can't eat the blooms. Thank you for any info.:

Vol De Nuit - How's the thorns?

Charles de Gaulle - Does it ball badly in rain?

Blue Nile and Charles de Mills - Is the scent light?

Fragrant Plum - There's some report of it being stingy, what's the best soil for this one?

Munstead Wood - How's the thorns and does it like alkaline soil?

Young Lycidas and Outte the Blue - how's their vase life?

Parole, or Buxom Beauty - how's the thorns?

Old port - I'm most interested in this one: height x width, vase life, and is the scent stable in hot weather?

Stephen Big purple - how's the thorns?

Melody Perfume - how's the vase life, is it low-thorn?

Chatreuse de Parme - Is the thorn really bad?

If I neglect some noteworthy FRAGRANT mauve roses, please inform. My soil and water are very alkaline, pH 7.7, so I can't grow Reine des Violettes. Thank you for any recommendation of a fragrant mauve rose.

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