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Potting Soil versus Potting Mix - clarity re confusion

I have a bag of Miracle Gro Potting mix with moisture control, on the bag there are images of containers, and Scotts indicates that the product is for indoor and outdoor use. This product does fertilize in a time released fashion over 6 months (blue bag).

I have organic potting soil purchased at a local nursery with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, composted softwood bark, compost and horticultural grade perlite. The instructions on the package indicate that it is to be used with pots.

I continue to be confused regarding when and for what these products are to be used. Does anyone understand this?

Why would one choose Potting Mix versus Potting Soil?

What have you had the best luck with in terms of potting up bands?

Sorry to fire off 3 questions, but I have lacked clarity regarding this for some time now.


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