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How's my recipe-lasagna raised bed.

11 years ago

Just wanted to check in for feedback about what we filled our raised bed with.

Got all excited cause we were offered 100 strawberry plants for super cheap from the local u-pick that overbought for fall planting.

Spent yesterday and today piling stuff into the raised be we build months ago which was currently filled with weeds and bermuda grass that was growing though a pile of dirt and wood chips in the bottom.

It looks good, but honestly, I'm not sure if the "ingredients" are even remotely close to what would work for lasagna gardening, so maybe some more experiences voices can let me know if I've really botched this or not.

We layed old cardboard egg cartons first and soaked them with water, then old soggy leaves. Then, we put in bags of top soil, then peat moss, then old manure, then more top soil. Then, I soaked the whole pile with water. Last, I sprinkled a 3lb bag of bone meal on top.

I have a big pile of wood chips I got for free that I can use as mulch on top of the bed around all the little strawberries.

Well, that's it. I leave it to more the more experienced to dissect this recipe, and tell me what they think.

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