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Profusion Crab Apple Tree Leaves Turning Yellow

11 years ago

This is a pretty new tree and far as being planted in my yard. I planted it this past spring. I also amended the soil and planted the tree a little bit deeper than I would have liked to because the tree was so large/heavy and I couldn't handle it very well. The tree looks very well, however, a lot of the smaller leaves are turning yellow and when I touch them, they easily fall off of the tree. Is this bad? Could it be that it is a new tree and it's concentrating all it's energy on the roots rather than the upper portion? I have been watering it very frequently, almost daily in this extreme heat.

The birds appear to love it, they're always playing in the tree, jumping up and down on the branches or just sitting there perching. The berries are growing quite nicely but I'm concerned that something is wrong, can anyone advise me on what may be happening? I paid a lot for this tree, I hate to loose it.

Also, when would be a good time to start fertilizing this tree, in the spring and if so, what type of fertilizer should I use?


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