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I may have Ph do I find out for sure?

10 years ago

A few of my plants tend to grow curled up in the middle...the leaves become somewhat like a spoon. Otherwise, they have no other suspicious symptoms.

I checked Dr. Optimara, and it appears that curled up leaves may be a sign of Ph problems. So I took this 3-in-1 gadget I bought at Home Depot and which is suppoed to measure Moisture, Light as well as Ph (pic provided), I set it on the Ph function and stuck it in the soil. For whatever it's worth, the indicator is always around 7 or even a bit above. Assuming the gadget works correctly, which comes with a major question mark, this would mean that the Ph is too alkaline and that I may indeed have a Ph problem.

But then again, I don't trust this thing because when I measure light with it, the result makes me very skeptical. I have my plants placed under a grow light, at the right distance, by the book, where they also get filtered sun from a south-west window (have sheers on).

I have showed the set up to other experts on this forum and people said it looks absolutely right. However, when I measure flourescent light right above the plant, it never shows more than 200 ft candles. If I was to go by what this gadget indicates, it would mean my set up doesn't work bc 200 ftcandles is very little. And yet, my plants already show signs of too much light (slightly pale in the middle), plus they have bloomed under those I really doubt that grow light only provides 200 ftcandles like the gadget says.

The only time when this gadget registers lots of light is when plenty of us comes through the window a nd then it jumps straight to 1000-2000. Otherwise, it seems incapable of registering the softer light of fluorescents.

If this device is not accurate with measuring light, what makes me believe it is accurate when measuring Ph?

For a while I have been using tap water but then I have switched to spring water. I really don't know what kind of water we have here... soft, hard, whatever (???)...I just know we don't have any private filtration system. My soil is 1/3 perlite, 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 AV Mix, overall quite light.

What is a very good method (and easy, if possible) of testing the Ph?

If that gadget is right and my Ph really is around 7 to 7+...what should I do to fix the problem?

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