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Are cheap seeds really cheap?

13 years ago

Forgive me if this has already been asked / answered, I did a search, but maybe I was using the wrong terms. . .

You know those packets you can find at dollar stores - American Seed Co.? Sometimes 10 for a dollar, sometimes 5 for a dollar?

Are they worth it? I know that they are generic type flowers, but I have a lot of land to fill. And it seems to me that they are probably the type that would re-seed quite easily, too.

Cheap enough to put in the kids' hands when they want to help? Marigolds are welcome to fall in my veggie patch, anytime.

I wish I could think of the varieties I saw last year off the top of my head - I think Bachelors Buttons and Marigolds, and I could swear that I planted Dianthus from one of those packs last year - and it's done nicely.

I'm sure you guys know which I am talking about.

Are they cheap because there are so few seeds that you may as well buy a bigger pack from a "real" company? Or are they notoriously poor germinators? Or something else I have not considered?

Are there other stores that carry cheap seeds? Different brands I should look for in various stores that are known to be a good value?

I do also have a few SASBE's coming from generous people, and I have managed a few trades from some of my extras from last year, or things that have too many for me this year (does anyone really need to plant a full packet of zucchini, anyway?) so I am doing quite well so far.

Any sage wisdom?

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