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Help! My betta fish isn't eating, any advice welcome!

16 years ago

My new betta fish isn't eating! I just got him, and I am aware that they may take a while, but I've tried everything! Even the frozen peas. My brother has a new one too, and it has the same problem. My fish lives in filtered, perfectly clean water and tank. He seems happy, he's making a bubble nest as we speak. He always squeezes between the filter and wall, and he always runs up and down the tank. I don't see any funguses or anything. He may be old, he has very long fins. He just loves swimming around his tank though. He has no plants YET. On the bottom of his tank he has smooth rocks. I've fed him pellets, peas, tropical flakes, Freeze dried worms, please help! This is my first betta fish, and I want him to last a long time and not starve. And also, he lives ina 2.5 by himself. He's not too big, he has plenty of room. He also flares a lot.

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