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Have I Discovered a New Variety of Rose?

11 years ago

A few years ago my husband gave me a miniature rose for Valentine's Day. I planted it in my garden, and the next year it mutated and grew into a full sized plant. I don't know what variety of miniature it was, just a generic red miniature rose from the supermarket, the kind most people keep as a potted plant for few weeks and then let die.

Well, it turned out to grow into the most beautiful, perfect, pure red rose I have ever seen. Naturally I wanted another such plant in the garden, so a couple years later I bought another of the miniatures and planted it in the garden hoping it would do the same thing. Well, of course it didn't. It remained mini like a mini is supposed to. It has been a couple years now since I planted the second mini and it has not grown large.

So my question is, do minis sometimes grow into full sized plants (this one looks like a hybrid tea), or is this enough of a mutation to consider it a brand new variety? And since I have no idea what exactly the mini from the supermarket was called, I can't look up that particular kind. None of them have specific names at the store, probably since, like I said, most people don't bother to plant them.

I have a number of other full sized hybrid teas in my garden, and none of them are as lovely as this mutant mini. In fact, I have searched nurseries and rose gardens for something that resembles this, but have had no luck. The color is a truly pure, bright red, the likes of which I have only seen at the florist. And it doesn't fade into that unsightly pinkish/magenta that so many red roses do. The blooms are very large, reaching up to 5" in diameter. They are very lush and full of rounded petals. The buds are shapely, and when they first begin to open they look just like florist roses. The foliage is a nice crisp, medium green. The buds come in clusters of up to five on a stem, although I can get a very large bloom if I take off the side buds, and then the stem is nice and long for cutting.

And as if all that isn't great enough, this year the blooms have a lovely light cherry fragrance, although in previous years they have had no fragrance. So is it possible that this could be considered a new rose? And if so, is there some place I should contact about it?

I'll post pictures as soon as I figure out the best way to do it.

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