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Green Manure: How hard are cover crops to kill in Spring?

15 years ago

Hi everyone!

I recently "inherited" an overgrown 25x25 foot sunny garden. Since we live in the woods, this is the first time I've ever had enough sunlight to actually grow vegetables, and I'm thrilled!!!

I've been doing my best to prepare the garden for winter (got all the weeds pulled, digging, adding compost, etc...), and I'd really like to use some cover crops to keep the weeds down in the spring. I've got some winter rye and hairy vetch.

Can anyone tell me what to actually do with them in the spring? How hard is it to kill them? After spending days weeding the entirely overgrown garden this fall, I'm worried that these crops will do the same thing! How much work am I getting myself in to? (Actually, I don't mind doing the work, but I'll be gone all spring and have recruited my poor boyfriend to get things planted! I'd feel even more guilty making extra work for him!)

I'd appreciate any advice!!! Thanks!

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