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compost in 18hrs!

12 years ago

I have been researching composting decomposers since I saw one at a show in Chicago last May and am looking at the Eco Decomposer which can be seen at this site: and am wondering if anyone on this site is familiar or has info on using them, I work in a medium size non profit that generates about 250lbs of green waste daily which all goes into the county land fill.

We have started up a garden project of approx 1 acre with ok results so far but I see the need for some serious soil ammendments as our soil is heavy and clay like. The finished product 'cooks' down to about 1/5th is dry and looks like brown coffee grounds, questions are: Do you think the finished product which purportedly will be high in N and will need a some browns added for it to be become really effective. and if so any suggestions what I could add that is readily available and inexpensive, I'm also thinking I could soak some of it and brew some tea for the raised beds and such

Thanks John

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