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Whoa is me! It seems I have 'poor' soil.

15 years ago

At least I think so.

Often in a description of a rose the comment is made, "grows in poor soil". I always make note of that thinking it applies to my garden. Then when it comes to buying a rose I usually forget that. So when a rose doesn't grow it then is my fault!

Well back to the subject. It seems to me that all that amending of the soil on the top does little to the soil down below. Or is that wrong? Let's say it isn't and I will go on looking for roses that grow in poor soil.

Those that I have discovered so far that grow well for me: Rugosa Alba, Belle Poitevine, F.J. Grootendorst ( do you get picture, most rugosas like my garden), ground covers like Knirps and Red Ribbons (maybe because they are shallow rooted and their roots only grow in the amended top soil), Eutin (can't kill it with a stick), Robusta, Elmshorn (guess what a couple of Kordes. They are not doubt others but this listing could get boring.

So I get around to my question, what roses might grow in my "poor" soil? And not to forget zone 5a.

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