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Southern Live Oak in NYC winters .... will they live???

I have successfully overwintered Ficus carica (edible figs) that are growing in a large, 20 gallon container, since 2008. The fig tree goes into an unheated garden shed and stays there from December, until mid-April and survives without any problems.

I'd like to grow Quercus virginiana in a large 25 gallon container, as a patio tree, but I'm not sure if it will survive our zone-7 winters. I have read that they will go deciduous in colder climes. Does this mean that they will shed all leaves, or, some leaves? Do you think they will survive a cold, dark storage shed, until mid-March?

I thinking of having a 15 gallon, single-stem standard hauled up to NYC from some growers down south. When it arrives I'll re-pot the tree into a 20-25 gallon container, grow it outdoors in full sun, and let it harden-off naturally until the freezing part of Winter kicks in. Then I plan on protecting it throughout Jan-Feb by putting it in the shed along with the fig tree. I'll water it from time to time, but that all. Do these oaks have a dormancy/quiescent period? Will the shed suffice, will it be too dark for too long a time, .... what's are your opinions??????

Please advise.


Frank from Da-Bronx

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