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What mislabeled roses do you get in your garden?

12 years ago

I was wondering if other gardeners find certain roses that repeatedly show up under wrong names, and generally how much it happens. I'm not just talking about purchased roses.

I've gotten 'Louise Odier' a number of times as other roses. I think (this was several years ago) I bought it once as 'Jacques Cartier' and then got cuttings of it under the same name; my guess is that the gardener got his from the same source. Also my 'L'Ouche', from a different source, that I've had in the garden for some years, it finally occurred to me may also be LO, though I've thought for years that it looked like a Bourbon rather than like the China that 'L'Ouche' purports to be. 'Mme. Boll'/'Mme. Knorr'/'Comte de Chambord' all turned out to be the same rose, or at least they look identical to me...and they came from the same nursery in the same year! Someone wasn't paying attention. My 'Yellow Mutabilis' is plain old 'Mutabilis', so, between on thing and another, I now have four plants of this mighty shrub. My original 'Spray Cécile Bruenner' was bought as 'Mlle. Cécile Bruenner. I propagated it and spread it through the garden, and now I have too much of it, even though it's as beautiful and satisfactory a rose as a gardener could ask for; but it gets big and is practically unprunable. Then, my friend's 'Rush' that he gave me, appears to be 'Spray Cécile Bruenner'. I have another SCB labeled 'Marie Pavie'. This one is totally baffling. Once I took cuttings of an authentic 'Mlle. Cécile Bruenner' and as I recall they caught, but not a trace of those cutting-grown plants can I find in the garden now.

One passes on errors. I myself distributed 'Alba Maxima' for years as 'Blanche de Belgique', propagating the error of the Peter Beales nursery from whom the parent plant came. One of the people I gave cuttings of it to in a swap notified me most apologetically that the R. virginiana cuttings he gave me were actually plain R. multiflora. Well, we're both clear on it, anyway, as well as about my misnamed 'Alba Maxima'. My gardening buddy who shares his roses with wonderful generosity does mix up labels at times. He gave me a 'Mlle. Franziska Krueger' that isn't: it looks like a Hybrid Musk, and specifically looks like 'Daybreak', which I remember he bought the same year I did. It's a fine rose to have two of.

Another rose I've gotten mislabeled is 'Auguste Comte'. This came to me as 'Maman Cochet' (Peter Beales again) and as something from Roseraie du Desert which it wasn't. Oh, these errors.

Your experiences?


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