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self watering pots

18 years ago


My Av mother in law gave me a pot(like plastic hanging basket size) filled with the little guys. Kept it in a metal tray and watered in the tray...couldn't kill it, always bloomed.Fell in love! Got some courage, bought some for my bathroom,eastern exposure, nice humidity, plastic pots..couldn't keep them alive, more or less blooming. Bought some self watering pots over a year ago(which probably cost more than the AV's.$5 range..) and I'm proud to say all 5 of my bathroom plants have been blooming non stop ever since day 1! No brainer, I fill the pots once a week with warm water,with fertilizer, and life is wonderful..and so are the flowers!

Just thought I'd pass this on, I know its all about what works for you, but this works GREAT for me!!!

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