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Ack! What are these white powdery invaders?!

9 years ago

Please help! My roses are turning into these insane mini-ecosystems and I don't know what to do!

First of all, two weeks ago there appeared these green larvae with a blackish-reddish head that were eating holes in almost all my roses' leaves...
Between picking them off one by one and a handy hailstorm last week, they're mostly all gone, but now I've got these powdery white bugs all over the place (sorry about the terrible photo but for some reason I could not get them into focus - true on so many levels!).
It looks like mildew on the underside of the canes but isn't - for every patch of white stuff there are one or two flat white powdery hopping bugs... are they aphids at some strange point in their lifecycle?

I'm desperately trying to avoid spraying, but my roses are getting shredded, eaten, covered, infested..... what would you do? Help!

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