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Help identifying this rose, please?

11 years ago

I don't know very much about roses (yet) and am hoping you experts can help me.

This rose was in a container for 1.5 year until we finally finished building our house/moving in. It is now in the ground and blooming for the first time.

The problem is..... I thought I had purchased a climbing rose and a rose of a different color altogether. I'm guessing the rose was mislabeled. This is definitely not Joseph's Coat!

I'm curious if this rose is a climber and/or what it is? It isn't acting like the climber I had previously... (it isn't throwing out any long arms, but is it too early since it was planted in the ground about a month ago? *shrug*)

It is a bright, solid pink (the sun is shining directly on it so it might look otherwise in the pics,) very fragrant, thornless and the buds are small. The entire bush is currently just about a foot high.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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