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Best fragrant roses for zone 5?

10 years ago

I'm seeking advice for purchasing a few roses for our yard, I put high priority on re blooming ability, strong fragrance and disease resistance.
Besides that would I like to be able to cut for vase and am partial to old fashioned roses.
I'm looking for something shrub size, not too big, no more than 5-7 feet. I'd like a smaller climber if those exist?

I live in Chicago,Il. with a substantial yard and I'm waiting for a Colette and a Sombreuil I ordered on sale from Brushwood vines. I know I'm taking a chance with the Sombreuil and would love feedback on it. I also would like to hear from Zepherine Drouhin and Polka growers as I'm considering all of them for a massive chain link fence in southern exposure.

I know very little about roses and would like to find a few that don't demand spraying or lots of upkeep but plenty of fragrance.
What is a Wicherania? I read reference's to the romantic series and English heirloom roses?
Could someone tell me what the general groups are?
Any input is appreciated!
Thank you!

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