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Interbay mulch cover option other than burlap

13 years ago

I have read many, many posts on turning turf areas into planting beds, but still have questions. I am looking to turn some areas of "lawn", such as it is, into planting beds for next spring. Some of these beds will be perennials, some vegs, some raspberries. I have read up on the Interbay composting system and see some differences between that and the lasagna method. I would like to stick with the Interbay system as much as possible. I understand the purpose of the first layer of wet newsprint or cardboard to kill any sod and provide worm food. I will then stack/layer OM. Then comes the burlap cover. I understand the purpose of this layer to be to keep the bed moist, prevent the OM from blowing away, keep the moisture in the material, provide an environment of perpetual darkness for the microbes/bugs to work, and finally to keep the birds from eating the most of the worms in the spring. I think I have it all correct... the theory, anyway.

My problem is that I am having trouble locating burlap in this neck of the woods. If I go with burlap, I will have to order it from some supplier online. My questions- Does anybody have a good supplier that they use for burlap rolls? What weight do I get- 7 oz. or 10 oz. (whatever that means!) If I can't get burlap for a reasonable price, what other material can I use that will accomplish the same purposes as burlap?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


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