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Several Questions from a beginner

Gabrielle K
10 years ago

My grandma used to keep african violets all the time and they seemed healthy and fresh all the time. Mine don't have a problem yet, but I do have questions about cutting back leaves to correct the symmetry. I would ask my grandma, but I lost contact of her :( I do have several questions, so please bare with me haha.

Q1: How do I know what is symmetric and what's not? Am I only supposed to cut back leaves at the most outer layer, or can I cut back leaves in between layers/levels?

Q2: I rooted some leaves from my african violets in water. After about 5 weeks or so, they rooted. I then put the rooted leaf into 1:1 mixture of perlite and african violet mix and put them in a plastic container with no holes. Is this a good way to propagate african violets? Should I take the rooted leaves out of the container because they already have roots? I also took some rooted leaves and I'm water wicking them outside of a plastic container too, is that ok? Should I make holes on my plastic container? Is it better to just propagate african violets by cutting a leaf and putting them in the soil mix than to root by water (which one will give me faster baby leaves)? Do I need to open my plastic container often to let the soil dry out a bit?

Q3: My african violets are put near a window that is facing south west. Is this a good spot? There's a big tree nearby that's providing some shade, but I do receive full afternoon sun coming into my room. Is this good enough light?

I know these are a lot of questions, and it's fine if not all of these questions are answered. I just want to get a good sense of what is good for leaf propagation and if I'm taking care of my african violets well or not.

Thank youuuu

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