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Yellow Jackets and Passion Flowers and Brugmansia

13 years ago

Disclaimer: i Know almost nothing about bees. What I believe to be 'yellowjackets' are as of today swarming around our entry, where they have not swarmed before. Many are on the greenery, not the flowers of passionflower vines, and brugmansias (not begun to bud yet.) I'm guessing that these bees are circumstantially on these plants because they have a hive? hole? nearby. The other day My Love had a number of stings by jellowjackets that were nesting? in a large pile of brush/grass that has been long needing to go to the dump(end of THAT project, for now).we also had a yellow jacket ground nest? in a hole in the soil around a potted tree last year. any experience/thoughts/advice?

thank you,


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