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Soil test results.

15 years ago

Let me start by saying that I intend to stop by the extension office for help understanding the test results and the recommendations that came with them.

I got two soil tests done. One specifically for the area where my two citrus trees are growing. The other was general samples around the yard in places I may put veggie garden beds.

The owners of the house before me use lots of chemical fertilizers and did nothing to build up the sandy soil.


Target pH: 6.5

pH (1:2 Sample:Water) 6.1

A-E Buffer Value: 7.84

Melich-1 Extractable

Phosphorus (ppm P) > 335 above Very High

Potassium (ppm K) 60 Med High

Magnesium (ppm Mg) 129 Very High

Calcium (ppm Ca) > 2064

They gave a lime recommendation of 519 lbs per acre

It looks like they forgot to fill in the amount of recommended nitrogen

They don't recommend any Phosphorus

and they seem to have forgotten to fill in the recommended amount of potassium.

There are also some footnotes attached.

Veggie Garden-

Target pH: 6.5

pH (1:2 Sample:Water)5.7

A-E Buffer Value: 7.89

Mehlich-1 Extractable

Phosphorus (ppm P) > 132 above Very High

Potassium (ppm K) 26 Low

Magnesium (ppm Mg) 86 Very High

Calcium (ppm Ca) 966

They recommend;

Lime: 1.3 lb per 100 sf

Nitrogen .2 lb per 100 sf

Phosphorus 0 lb per 100 sf

Potassium .3 lb per 100 sf

There are also some footnotes attached.

I find all this quite interesting. I had done some of those home soil tests and the pH alwasy seemed to show close to neutral. I've also used one of those probe pH testers but it must be malfunctioning as it was showing a pH above 7. I had figured with the sandy soil and hard water that the pH would be closer to neutral. Does using chemical fertilizers cause the soil to acidify?

I suppose the high Phosphorus shouldn't suprise me as phosphate mining is kinda a big deal here in FL.

What are some good sources of Potassium?

They test for Magnesium but it doesn't look like I need that right now.

They test for calcium, I'm not sure why unless it has something to do with the lime recommendation?

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