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Virgin Rose Garden - How far apart do you space?

15 years ago

I have bought my roses, (way too many but they will all fit!) and my wonderful husband has made some fabulous beds. We moved alot of the perennials and annuals out of the way to a keeping bed.

Now, ... It is time to plan how to arrange all these roses (about fifty). I made a to-scale drawing on paper that I am going to plan where to put the roses. I like the cottage garden effect. Right now my garden is a riot of crazy color. I love it!

I know that here in the Pacific NW they may grow very well, even bigger than normal. Is that right, my PNW rose friends?

I have heard that you take the heighth and space your roses that far from other roses. I have also heard spacings for HTs, floribundas, etc, So, I am not sure what to do. I don't want to plant all these and find out I made a big mistake.

I know there will be some mistakes but I want to minimize that. HELP!! What did you all do? What do you suggest for me?



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