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No Blooms...Should I Repot My Violet In A Plastic or Clay Pot?

9 years ago

Hello Gardenweb Fam!

I have an African Violet since November of last year (9 months). It was blooming when I bought it and it hasn't bloomed since.

I think the main reason is because it needs to be repotted. I may be wrong though? Should I repot the plant? The plant is in great shape and has a ton of leaves but they look like they are stifling because there's no room for them to grow properly. It looks like there are two plants in one. I would like to keep both of them in the new pot but I just need to make sure I have the right pot and also the right size.

If you recommend a repot, should I use plastic or clay? What size? The violet is in a standard size pot (3 inches) and I wanted to transfer it to a 6 inch pot. I already have a plastic one at home that measures 6 wide by 6 inches tall. Is that too big?


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