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What have you winter sown in zone 6?

15 years ago

Sorry if there's a post already out here like this for zone 6, but I couldn't find one when I searched.

So far, I have wintersown:

Spinach Monstruex de Viroflay

Cicoria Di Verona Radicchio

Lettuce Chartwell

Coreopsis Early Sunrise

Mystery Coreopsis seed from MIL's plant

Hibiscus Militaris

Hardy Hibiscus (Mixed color seeds from ebay)

Crape Myrtle

Lavender Vera

Lavender English Spike

Lavender Lady


Rose Shrub seeds (from backyard)

Poppy Pink Peony

Petunia Mixed


Yarrow Summer Pastels Mixed

Armeria Bees Mixed




Dwarf Bachelor Buttons

Blue Flower Mix

Dwarf Thyme

Calendula Pink Surprise

Cleome Rose Queen

Blue Flax

English Daisy Rose Carpet

Black-eyed Susan Cherokee Sunset

Dusty Miller

Snap Dragons Tall Deluxe (seeds harvested from WS snaps)

I'm waiting a little longer to do heirloom tomatoes, herbs, and a few more annuals.

Comments (19)

  • clumsygrdner
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Well, hmm...

    Bachelor's Buttons
    Shirley, Corn poppies
    Showy Primrose
    Hardy Primula
    Chinese Cabbage
    Sweet William
    Sweet Alyssum
    Dame's Rocket
    Mexican Hats

    Well, that's all I have time for. :)

  • mo_girl
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Clumsygardener, you've got quite a lot going. You'll have to let me know how the broccoli and cauliflower turn out. I haven't WS'd those veggies yet. Maybe next year. I've got too many seeds as it is, for now.

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    Thanks for the concern over my plants PVick. I can see my pretty budded out weeping cherry tree right next to the kitchen window. It is hung with ice drips then adorned with snow. I have no hope I'll get to enjoy those blossoms this spring. But what I did cover should be fine (fingers crossed). Glad I went to the trouble, my friend didn't cover anything and I am feeling bad for her. Carrie, I saw on TV that you were having a lot of rain, even tornado reports no? If your area is really dry perhaps the rain will soak in as soon as the rain stops. How long is it supposed to rain? Hope it all turns out okay for your gardens. Just stepped outside and took pictures of the ice hanging in my trees. Looks like a beautiful winter wonderland that would be appropriate in January! I know Deanna, the weather here in Kansas is unpredictable all the time. We have all the extremes of weather. Oh dear, the news is on and they are predicting another snowstorm Monday night into Tuesday. Is there no end to this madness? Trowelgal
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  • mid_tn_mama
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Well, had a mini greenhouse upset. And I don't know if you consider a minigreenhouse to be true WS:

    Campanula alliarifolia
    Campanula medium double mix
    Black Mondo grass Ophiopogon planiscapus
    lychnis chalcedonica
    lychnis coronaria angel blush
    heuchera palace purple
    amaranthus intense purple
    Tomato Amish Paste
    Brocolli (germinated)
    Giant Zinnia (germinated)

  • dereks
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    So far I have
    blue flax
    joe pye weed
    knautia macedonica

  • Marie of Roumania
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    so many seeds, so little time ...

    Alcea ficifolia
    Amsonia tabernaemontana
    Arisaema amurense
    Arisaema candidissimum
    Arisaema serratum
    Arisaema triphyllum subsp. Stewardsonii
    Arisaema wilsonii
    Camassia quamash
    Cypripedium calceolus
    Daylily can't remember
    Digitalis laevigata
    Echinops ritro
    Eryngium maritimum
    Fritillaria biflora
    Fritillaria crassifolia
    Fritillaria graeca
    Fritillaria hermonis
    Fritillaria hermonis ssp. Amana
    Fritillaria involucrata
    Fritillaria pontica
    Gladiolus dalenii
    Helleborus hybrids
    Iris hookeri
    Iris siberica mix
    Lilium can't remember
    Lilium ledebourii
    Lilium martagon 'terrace city'
    Lilium martagon: new zealand hybrids
    Meconopsis betonicifolia
    Meconopsis betonicifolia 'selected'
    Meconopsis horridula
    Meconopsis Lingholm
    Meconopsis wallichii
    Paeonia delavayi
    Paeonia from tblisi hybrids
    Pansy morpho
    Papaver flesh
    Sanguinaria canadensis
    Tricyrtis puberula
    Trillium albidum
    Trillium cuneatum
    Trillium grandiflorum
    Trillium simile
    Viola canina
    Viola sylettas

  • agirlsgirl
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Here is what I have so far,I copied this right from my own "database",so they include container and marker #'s.

    JobÂs Tears 1-21-08
    Â Iris,yellow
    Â Iris,Blue Siberian
    Â Daylily,Witch Hazel
    Â Daylily,yellow unknown
    Â Daylily,Summer Wine
    Â Daylily,Happy Returns
    Â Daylily,hand crossed
    Â #1 Hollyhock,Black
    Â #2 Potentilla,MonarchÂs Velvet
    Â #3 Lupine,Cherry
    Â #4 Toadlily,Raspberry Mousse
    Â #5 Viola,Johnny Jump Up
    Â #6 Blackberry Lily
    Â #7 Stokesia,Blue
    Â #8 Astilbe,Mix
    Â #9 Astilbe,lilac and purple
    Â #10 Baptisa Australius
    Â #11 Monarda,unknown
    Â #12 Bachelor Buttons,perennial
    Â #13 CupidÂs Dart
    Â #14 Dianthus knapii,yellow
    Â #15 Dianthus barbatus
    Â #16 Dianthus,Sooty & dark purple
    Â #17 English Daisy,Red Pomponette
    Â #18 Flax,blue
    Â #19 Daylily:
    Â Stella DÂoro
    Â Special Mix
    Â # 20 Campanula: 1-22-08
    Â Pyramidalis
    Â Bernice
    Â rotundofolia
    Â rapuncilode
    Â #21 Campanula:
    Â Barbata
    Â Trachelium
    Â Glomerata
    Â Americanum
    Â #22 Campanula:
    Â Thyroids
    Â Longistyla
    Â Grossekii
    Â Gomphrena
    Â #23 Campanula:
    Â unknown purple
    Â carpatica,Blue Clips
    Â unknown,white w/maroon spots single and double bell
    Â unknown,white w/light purple spots
    Â #24 Campanula:
    Â persicofolia,blue
    Â persicofolia,alba
    Â #25 Campanula takesmania
    Â #26 Platycodon:
    Â Fuji White
    Â Grandifloria pink
    Â Blue Splash
    Â Shell Pink
    Â Blue
    Â Purple
    Â Axe Minister Streaked
    Â Fairy Snow
    Â #27 Platycodon:
    Â mix
    Â blue,white and lav/blue mix
    Â #28 Ladybells
    Â #29 Recambole Garlic,Italian Purple 1-25-08
    Â #30 Lunaria
    Â #31Hosta,unknown blue
    Â #32Hosta, unknown,green and yellow
    Â #33 Hosta,Big Daddy
    Â #34 Penstemon 1-26-08
    Â Mexicalli
    Â Sunburst Ruby
    Â Huskers Red
    Â Arkansana
    Â #35
    Â Penstemon,Elfin Pink
    Â Parviflora,Chocolate
    Â Grecian Foxglove
    Â Strawberry Foxglove
    Â #36 Foxglove
    Â Foxy mauve
    Â Mini yellow
    Â Giant Shirley,cream
    Â Apricot Beauty
    Â #37 Foxglove
    Â lutea,yellow
    Â unknown,cream
    Â unknown ,pink
    Â False Beach Foxglove
    Â #38 Foxglove
    Â mertoneosis
    Â mix#1
    Â Excelsior mix
    Â Unknown,mix of pink,purple and white
    Â #39 Foxglove
    Â mix#2
    Â PamÂs Choice mix
    Â Special mix
    Â Hosta,mix
    Â #40 Columbine
    Â Nora Barlow,black
    Â Unknown,fuschia
    Â Dragonfly hybrid mix
    Â Dragonfly Swallowtail
    Â #41 Columbine
    Â Pleated,maroon & pink w/white
    Â Unknown,Solid yellow
    Â Unknown,purple
    Â #42 Foxglove,Camelot Series Mix
    Â #43 Columbine
    Â origami, pink/white
    Â unknown,yellow and purple
    Â 2 tone nodding pink
    Â unknown,white
    Â #44 Columbine
    Â Nana alba, short
    Â Unknown,double mix blue/white and possibly pink
    Â William Guiness
    Â Nora Barlow,pink
    Â #45 Columbine,mixes
    Â #46
    Â 1a,Livingstone daisy
    Â 2a,Echinops
    Â 3a, Geum,blazing sunset
    Â 4a, Geum,unknown
    Â #47
    Â 5a Goats beard
    Â 6a Toadlily,unknown
    Â 7a Toadlily,AngelÂs Halo
    Â 8a Toadlily,White Towers
    Â #48
    Â 9a Toadlily,Gilt Edge
    Â 10a Toadlily,unknown
    Â 11a Toadlily ,mix
    Â 12a Blackberry lily
    Â #49
    Â 13a Helenium,Autumn Lollipop
    Â 14aHelenium,Moerheim Beauty
    Â 15a Monkshood,blue
    Â 16a Turtlehead,pink
    Â #50
    Â 17a Lobelia,cardinalis
    Â 18a Lobelia,Great Blue & blue
    Â #51 Clematis,Nelly Moser
    Â #52 Clematis, Sanstar
    Â #53 Clematis,unknown purple
    Â #54
    Â 19a Clematis,Radar Love
    Â 20a Clematis,Sweet Autumn
    Â #55 Gomphrena mix,Globe Amaranth
    Â #56 Liatris,mix of white,purple and unknown Gayfeather
    Â #57 Potentilla, Miss Willmott
    Â #58Clematis,Dutchess of Edinburgh 1-28-08
    Â #59 Milkweed,red
    Â #60 Milkweed,Tropical orange
    Â #61Milkweed,Gay Butterflies,red and yellow
    Â #62 Butterflyweed,peach
    Â #63 Milkweed,Ice Ballet
    Â #64 Milkweed,Tropical scarlet
    Â #65Milkweed,asclepias curassavica,mix of 3 unknowns
    Â #66Coneflower,Echinacea
    Â 1a Sunset
    Â 2a Orange Meadowbrite
    Â 3aSundown
    Â 4aSunrise
    Â #67Coneflower,Echinacea
    Â 1b unknown,white
    Â 2b White Swan
    Â 3b unknown,yellow or white
    Â 4bMagnus Purple
    Â #68 Tennessee Purple Coneflower
    Â #69 Coneflower,cross
    Â #70 Rudbeckia
    Â 1a Sonora
    Â 2a Maya
    Â 3a Clasping Coneflower
    Â 4a hirta,gloriosa daisy
    Â #71 Rudbeckia
    Â 1b triloba,brown eyed susan
    Â 2b hirta,rustic colors
    Â 3b unknown
    Â 4b Big Sky?
    Â #72 Primrose,Shwoy Evening,pink
    Â #73 Soapwort
    Â #74 Silene,unknown white w/pink eye
    Â #75 Sea Holly,Miss WillmottÂs Ghost
    Â #76 Shasta Daisy,Crazy Daisy
    Â #77 Gallardia 1-30-08
    Â 1a Fanfare
    Â 2a Torchlight
    Â 3a looks like Tokojer
    Â 4a Oranges and Lemons
    Â #78 Gallardia
    Â 1a unknown,solid yellow
    Â 2a unknown,burgundy
    Â 3a unknown
    Â 4a reular red or yellow
    Â #79
    Â 1 veronica,unknown
    Â 2 campion,fuschia
    Â 3 campion,rose
    Â 4 campion,white & rose
    Â #80
    Â 1 Verbena,Imaginator
    Â 2 Verbena bonariensis
    Â 3 yarrow,yellow
    Â 4 yarrow,red
    Â #81
    Â 1 monarda,unknown
    Â 2 Blueberry bush
    Â 3 Lupine,pink,apricot and purple mix
    Â 4 Lupine,Carolina Wild
    Â #82 Fountain Grass
    Â 1 Black
    Â 2 Whitetail
    Â 3 Red
    Â 4 Purple
    Â #83
    Â 1 dicentra eximiol fonmosa mix
    Â 2 blue fescue grass
    Â blue eyed grass
    Â side oats grama
    Â #84 LambÂs Ear
    Â #85 Verbascum
    Â 1 Cotswold King
    Â 2 Moth Mullein,white
    Â #86 Clematis,Henryii
    Â #87 Hardy Hibiscus
    Â 1 white
    Â 2 white and pink mix
    Â 3 southern belle,med pink
    Â 4 pink w/ red center
    Â 5 red
    Â 6 disco belle red
    Â #88 Hollyhock
    Â 1 red frill
    Â 2 maroon
    Â 3 red
    Â 4 green
    Â 5 yellow
    Â 6 black
    Â 7 white
    Â 8 ceme de casis
    Â #89 Hollyhock
    Â 1 majorette mix
    Â 2 indian springs pink
    Â 3 morning lights
    Â 4 peaches and dreams
    Â #90 Beauty Berry,purple
    Â #91 Beauty Berry,white
    Â #92 a & b Native Persimmon
    Â #93 a & b Native Crabapple
    Â #94 Buttonball Bush
    Â #95 Mimosa,pink
    Â #96 California Blubells
    Â #97 Rudbeckia,Green Wizard?
    Â #98 Papaver orientale,Indian Chief
    Â #99 Platycodon,Komachi
    Â #100
    Â 1 purple sage
    Â 2 dwarf blue sage
    Â 3 rose musk mallow
    Â 4 pink musk mallow
    Â #101 Chives 2-4-08
    Â 1 Regular
    Â 2 Garlic
    Â #102
    Â 1 crocosmia,unknown
    Â 2 scilla,unknown
    Â 3 grape hyacinth
    Â 4 pineapple lily
    Â #103 Osteospermum
    Â 1 white w/ purple eye
    Â 2 mix
    Â #104 Oakleaf Hydrangea
    Â #105 Knautia Macedonia
    Â #106 BabyÂs Breath,pink
    Â #107 Bignoria capreolate,Tangerine Beauty
    Â #108 Carnatin,Chabaud Giant Mix
    Â #109 Japanese anemone
    Â #110 Ganzania,mixed colors
    Â #111
    Â 1 ophiopogon planiscapus ( Mondo Grass,regular)
    Â 2 Green Lirope,Monkey Grass
    Â 3 Lirope muscari
    Â 4 Lirope muscari,Big Blue lily turf
    Â #112
    Â 1 sidalcea ÂRosannaÂ
    Â 2 sidalcea ÂElsie Hughes"
    Â 3 sidalcea ÂBrilliantÂ
    Â 4 perennial lavetera
    Â #113
    Â 1 Malva,Windsor Castle
    Â 2 Campanula medium double mix
    Â 3 Campanula alliarifolia
    Â 4 Campanula rapunculoides
    Â #114
    Â 1 Lobelia,Kaiser Wilhelm
    Â 2 Lynchis ,Angel Blush
    Â 3 ratiba columnifera
    Â 4 Heuchera,Palace Purple
    Â #115
    Â 1 Persian cornflower
    Â 2 Veronica Speedwell
    Â 3 Painted Daisy
    Â 4 Persian Daisy,Robinson Crimson
    Â #116
    Â 1 Hardy agerteum
    Â 2 Mexican Hats
    Â 3 Gomphrena,deep pink
    Â 4 Inula ensifolia
    Â #117 Crepe Myrtle,dwarf,unknown color
    Â #118 Crepe Myrtle,fuschia
    Â #119 Rosa Rugosa
    Â #120 "Christmas Trees"
    Â #121 BearÂs Breeches
    Â #122 Heliopsis ,Summer Sun
    And we put two pots of Drosera out ,once in November and again in December.
    A few more pereinnals to go and on to the annuals!:)

  • kqcrna
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    I am off to a slow start this year, 21 jugs so far. I really have to control how much I sow this year as I'm running out of space again, and just can't handle maintenance on yet more beds. Just keeping up with watering took most of my time in last year's drought. I do suspect that a fair number of my plants will bite the dust over winter, though, after the stress of the summer heat. I'm planning mostly annuals this year, so I haven't even thought much about those yet. So far, some multiple jugs:
    burgundy gaillardia
    lavender munstead
    rose campion
    delphinium summer mix
    verbena bonariensis
    more rudbeckia (prarie sun)
    bachelor buttons


  • chrisd4421
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    I am new to WSing...Starting last weekend, I WS'ed 37 small containers...1/2 gallon milk jugs, OJ cartons, coffee containers, Chicken Stock quarts...

    I plan on starting all my tomatoes, broc, cukes, leeks and peppers either this weekend or next weekend.

    Good luck all!!

    Canteberry Bells
    Crackerjack Marigolds
    Glariosa Daisys
    Mammoth Sunflower
    Thumbalina Zinnea
    Love Lies Bleeding
    Yellow Coneflower
    Mexican Sunflower
    Black-eyed Susan
    Alyssum - Royal Carpet
    Alyssum - Royal Carpet
    Atumn Harvest Sunflower
    White Daisy
    Bachelor Buttons
    Pansy - Swiss Giant
    Poppy - Oriental Red
    Chinese Forget Me Not
    Lavender Hyssop
    Canna Lilly
    Blackberry Lilly
    Silene Shafta None-So-
    African Daisy
    Celosia Plumosa
    Marigold Dward Bolero
    Wild Aster
    Blazing Star

    Chris (chisd4421)

  • kqcrna
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    I really wanted to limit the number of containers this year, but I sowed 10 more today. I'm going to be in trouble come planting time.

    Added today:
    Maltese cross
    Rud Becky
    Northern sea oats
    Gloriosa daisy


  • lillyjane
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    I'm sow (hahaha) excited ! '') This is my first year WSing, I want to thank everyone who sent me seeds for postage. As of today I have 41-lg jugs (milk & 2-litter pop bottle) & 78-8oz cups going, & still more to plant! All the info I have been getting is so useful & the pics sure do help me understand better. So here is my list (some things I am only listing once because of the different kinds & colors)
    balsam impatiens
    cone flowers
    spider flower (cleome)
    morning glory
    holly hocks
    shasta daisy
    mexican hat
    blackeyed susan
    bachelor button
    african daisy
    sweet william
    trumpet vine
    maiden pinks
    blackberry lily
    cypress vine
    day lily
    ozark blue star
    butterfly bush
    scarlet flax
    maltese cross
    gaillardia goblin liatris
    Now I still have alot of planting to do, & when all these babies grow up I will have to learn the skill of seed saving so I can pass seeds on to others who get the WS bug. '') Jan

  • shemeows
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    I'm a newbie this year, with little space to garden, but the concept really intrigued me so I had to give it a go. So far I've planted:
    Sweet William (sprouting already)
    Poppy (also sprouting)
    Bachelor Buttons (sprouting as well)
    Chinese Coins
    Sweet Pea
    Butterfly Weed
    And this last week:
    Morning Glories

    Ever since I noticed the first sprouts, I've been checking the containers daily, I'm as excited as a kid right before Christmas.
    I've not had any luck with saponaria in the past, so I am curious to see if this method will do it.

  • tracyvine
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    This is my list of Perennial Seeds that I have sowed so far. I have tons more to do and am in the process of collecting more jugs. I completely ran out!

    Echinacea Purpurea Big Sky Sunrise
    Echinacea Purpurea
    Echinacea Purpurea Double Decker
    Echinacea Atrorubens
    Lisianthus Misty Blue (echo series)
    Echinacea Purpurea Bright Star
    Echinacea Purpurea Primadonna Deep Rose
    Echnacea Purpurea Leviathan
    Echinacea Amado
    Echinacea Purpurea Primadonna White
    Echinacea Purpurea Ruby Star
    Echnacea White Swan
    Columbine Fuschia/white
    Columbine Dragonfly
    Columbine Purple/white
    Columbine Mixed Colors
    Columbine William Guiness
    Columbine Red/white
    Columbine Blue Star
    Dicentra Bleeding Hearts
    Clematis Fremontii
    Hosta Blue Mix

  • philmont_709n2
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    This is not even half of what i have planted so far but i just got tired typing them up!

    Shooting Star
    Showy Trefoil
    American Bellflower
    Eastern Bluestar
    Prairie Dock
    Clasping Milkweed
    Common Milkweed
    Butterfly Weed
    Swamp Milkweed
    Green Antelopehorn
    Wild Bergamot
    Gray-Headed Coneflower
    Spotted Touch-Me-Not
    Black Raspberry
    Indian Woodoat
    Great Coneflower
    Butterfly Bush
    Missouri Primrose
    Cutleaf Grapefern
    Blue Skullcap
    Copper Iris
    Tall Larkspur
    Royal Catchfly
    Smooth Sumac
    Queen of the Prairie
    Mexican Tulip Poppy
    Tall Coreopsis
    WIld Pea
    Short's Sedge
    Lanceleaf Tickseed
    Yellow Foxglove
    Willow Herb
    Datura Double Purple
    Scaly Blazing Star
    Downy Gentian
    Large Flowered Beardtongue
    Wild Hollyhock
    Prairie Smoke
    Tall Meadow Rue
    Groundplum Milkvetch
    Stiff Tickseed
    American Licorice
    Trailing Fuzzy Bean
    Cassia Partridge Pea
    Birdfoot Trefoil
    Lewis Flax
    Red Onion
    Tennesse Coneflower
    Downy Sunflower
    Trumpet Creeper
    Joepye Weed
    Welsh Poppy
    Indian Physic
    Evening Primrose
    False Foxglove
    Mexican Hat
    Ground Cherry
    Cardinal Flower
    Wild Columbine
    Poppy Mallow
    Clayton's Sweetroot
    Stinging Nettle
    St. Johns Wort
    Wild Petunia
    Wild Leek
    White Rien Orchid
    Bottlebrush Grass
    Dotted Blazing Star
    Yelloweyed Grass
    Blueeyed Grass
    Spanish Flag
    Browneyed Susan
    Great Lobelia
    Wild Hydrangea
    Foxglove Beardtongue
    Swamp Vervain
    Rocky Mountain Bee Plant
    Scarlet Gillia
    Lyre Leafed Sage
    Gray's Sedge
    Partidge Berry
    Woodland Tobacco
    Jacob's Ladder
    Prickly Pear
    Indian Paintbrush
    Blue Lettuce

  • mo_girl
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Kohlrabi Purple Vienna
    Celosia Fresh Look
    Dianthus Red Trailing Carnation
    Yellow Pear Tomato
    Oxheart Tomato
    White Snowball Tomato
    Beefsteak Tomato
    Purple Bell Pepper
    Jalapeno Pepper

  • mo_girl
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    I WSd some herbs today. The only one I'm worried about is lemon grass, as I don't know if it's too early for it. I saved a few back though.

    Some of you other zone 6'ers are making me feel like a slacker. You have some SERIOUS lists.


    Dill Fernleaf
    Lemon Grass
    Flat Parsley
    St. John's Wort

    I wasn't able to get any chives to germinate last year. Hopefully it will happen this time.

  • lillyjane
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    WAAA--HOOOOO !!!!!! I have babies !!!!
    So far I have sproutin:
    Morning glory
    Blue boy B.B.
    Mystery flower
    Maiden pinks

    I also have ws earlier this week:
    Rose moss
    And more to go! ")
    DH got out the tractor yesterday & plowed up a larger spot for garden. I can't wait to start decorating the yard with flowers & veggies. ")
    Jan (lillyjane)

  • vera_eastern_wa
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Penstemon 'Huskers Red' (germinated)
    Yvonne's Salvia
    Salvia (annual blue NOID)
    Heuchera 'Purple Palace'
    Golden Marguerite (germinated)
    Rudbeckia hirta (germinated)
    Columbine 'Black Barlow'
    Columbine 'Nora Barlow'
    Calendula nana 'Citrus Cocktail'(germinated)
    Impatiens balsamina
    Nasturtium 'Tip Top'
    Nasturtium 'Empress of India'
    Phlox drummondii
    Malva 'Zebrina'
    Malva 'Braveheart'
    Matthiola (Stocks)
    Snapdragon 'Black Prince'
    Sweet Pea 'Miss Wilmot'

  • PVick
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    So far ...

    Astilbe 'Arendsii' mixed
    Astilbe 'Peach Blossom' (not sure I collected the seeds properly)
    Bachelor Buttons - germinated!
    Blue Flax (old seed)
    Campanula 'Isabella' (old seed)
    Cleome (old seed)
    Columbine 'Wild Eastern'
    Columbine 'McKana's Giants'
    Dianthus 'Siberian Blues' - germinated!
    Lettuce 'Little Gem'
    Painted Daisy mix
    Pansy - mixed, old seed (may get nothing)
    Penstemon 'Husker's Red' - (absolutely WANT this!)
    Petunia 'Laura Bush'
    Poppy 'Red Scallop' - germinated!
    Rudbeckia 'Toto'
    Snapdragon 'Kim's Orange Bicolor'
    Snapdragon 'Tequila Sunrise'
    Tomato 'Bush Big Boy'
    Tree Mallow (lavatera)
    Yarrow 'Cassis' - germinated!
    Yarrow 'Parker's Golden' (old seed)

    A lot of the seeds I'm sowing this year are 5-6 years old, so I've got my fingers crossed. I'm a serious seed addict and my eyes are most definitely too big for my garden!

    Still have a bunch of annuals to sow, and some more veggies too.


  • tracyvine
    15 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    These are my new additions to my previous list. I have more seeds on order and can't wait for them to get here so I can get more containers done! LOL!

    Sweet Peas Regal Robe
    Platycodon Grandiflora White Double Balloon Flower
    Platycodon Grandiflora Pink Balloon Flower
    Digitalis Mertonensis Strawberry Foxglove
    Digitalis Parviflora Milk Chocolate
    Aquilegia Hybrida Winkie Double Red Columbine
    Aquilegia Hybrida Dwarf Beidermeier Columbine
    Aquilegia Vulgaris Tower Lights Blue Columbine
    Geranium Pratense "Painters Palette"
    Digitalis Purpurea Apricot
    Clethra Rosea
    Asiatic Lilies Tiger Lily Retracted Petals
    Lisianthus Eustoma Champagne

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