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American elms are back

15 years ago

I normally hang out on the Antique Roses forum, but I love trees as much as I do roses.

I'm visiting family here in Pennsylvania and just bought two American elms to plant in my father's garden as a Father's Day gift. He has loved these trees all his life, remembering their graceful shape lining streets all along eastern towns during his childhood. He has mourned the Dutch elm disease that nearly wiped them out. We can't grow them where I live out west, but they are native here.

I read in the WSJ of all places that Home Depot stores in the east are selling a highly resistant American elm this year. I think it is called the Princeton elm. It is a naturally resistant tree, not a hybrid, and should look just like the trees people remember from the old days. Anyway I thought there might be other be others who loved this tree who would be interested. The store we visited had all their deciduous trees marked down for the end of the season clearance, so it would be a good time to take a look if you are a fan of this tree.


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