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Got my Rob's Order!

13 years ago

I'm so excited! I just got my order from Rob's yesterday. I was amazed how well they packed it, I didn't have one broken leaf on my standards. All of my plants have buds, a couple have large buds that will open either today or tomorrow. I ordered some minis for my sister that she wanted, and those took quite a beating in shipping. Most of the leaves were broken, but the plants are still healthy and still have buds, one was even in full bloom.

For those curious, I purchased standards:

Live Wire

Electric Dreams

Neon Fantasy

Strawberry Fields

They all have such neat foliage, especially Electric Dreams, the foliage itself is electric neon green!

So, basically I just wanted to recommend ordering from Rob's if you've been debating on who to order from. I wouldn't recommend ordering minis from anywhere, I'd buy those in person if possible, those take a beat down in shipping no matter who you get it from. Pictures will be coming soon! :D

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