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Bugs / insects in african violet soil, plant/leaves are great

9 years ago


I have this one plant which has some tiny brown insects crawling around on the soil. The soil is green due to algae/moss I think and there were a few brown leaves with white tiny mold spots (on which there were quite a few bugs). The plant otherwise is doing great, its very healthy and no problems.

Can anyone ID these bugs on the soil?? For now I have removed the dead/rotted leaves and sprayed the plant with neem oil (thats all I have for now). I have also isolated and placed the plant in a ziploc bag. I have yet to change the soil and repot.

Please help me out with any suggestions as to what this might be? Have not seen them before. They have little antennas / feet and are light brown in color (oblong kind of in shape, not round).


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