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nothofagus questions

16 years ago

I have long been intrigued by the Nothofagus species, the "Southern Beeches" native to the Southern Hemisphere.

Would I have any hope of growing one successfully in Maryland? I would presume a deciduous variety might be hardy enough in winter, but I worry more about the hot humid summers being a problem.

Any information on these? I presume a N. antarctica or perhaps a N. pumilio as well might be the ones to try.

Also - a related question - how does one move a plant from one hemisphere to another? I mean the 'first time.' Like the first time an apple tree was planted in New Zealand...the seasons are opposite so if you move a tree in March, when the apple is ready to come out of dormancy in the North, it's now early autumn and totally out of whack - how is this done the first time? I know that from then on they can be cultivated locally, but how's it done that first time?

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