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New tree, new here, help. Dogwood.

12 years ago

Hi. I went a little nutty and planted a bunch of trees this spring. I have a vision of being surrounded by beautiful trees and color. Anyway, my sweetbay magnolia, Cleveland pear, weeping cherry, and Venus dogwood have all taken to their new sites fine. I am learning how high maintenance beautiful native dogwoods are!

My cloud 9 dogwood is doing excellent with mostly full sun but periods of filtered sun as well. I do see some leaves here and there with beige circles/purple borders that I suspect is spot anthracnose since it has rained like Ireland here in Massachusetts this spring. I suspect this is to be expected.

I just planted an 11 foot B&B cornus rubra as the showpiece in front of our home in full sun.


1. Am I alright planting the rubra this late in spring? The leaves are a little wilted, but otherwise looks ok. Small leaves, but I suspect that is from sitting balled and burlapped at the nursery. The rootball is at the level of the surrounding soil and is more claylike than my yard, which is more sandy loam. It feels moist an inch down. I did not do a percolation test myself, but I cannot imagine having drainage problems in sandy loam.

2. The tree bark of the rubra has a lot of areas with some yellow like substance. I am a rookie,but i suspect maybe yellow lichen. Is that ok?

I have done a lot of research so I hope I have not messed anything up!

Let me know and thanks. Sorry for the long message.

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