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Rose Rosette Disease at Local Nursery

I have pined for Cherry Parfait for several weeks now and decided to purchase her from a nursery 40 minutes from my house. When I got there the third rose back had three canes of the skinny, almost needle like leaves I associate with RRD. Someone at the nursery had pulled 8 roses to the side and 6 had those leaves. I told the "rose person" about RRD. Clearly he had never heard of it before and said it had not been mentioned when the local rose society gave a class there last week. He wanted a second opinion, so being somewhat hard headed and disbelieving of unproven opinions myself, I advised him to look it up. He wrote down the name and said he would contact the rose society. I hope they know as much as I do about RRD. I'm going to call him later this week to see what he found out. Depending on his answer, I MAY join the local rose society. I don't really feel much of a need since I found the Roses Forums, though. Needless to say, I did not purchase any roses there.

Thanks to all of you for educating me about RRD long ago.

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