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Did I mess up?

16 years ago

I have been on a winter sowing binge the last few days. This is my first year and I'm excited to get started early. I read the FAQ's and any packet that said to soak, stratify, or sow in the fall I planted. I checked some of the lists in the FAQ's and read other people's posts. So, I went ahead and did some flats. They were germinating and doing great (although there seems to be a stall in new containers sprouting now--there for a while it was something new everyday). I understand the increasing ventilation and they'll be ok if we get a cold snap (which I know is coming). I went back and read some of the FAQ's again and the seed lists and realized that some of the stuff that I've sown are on the spring and summer sow list. Some are on several lists (like the lupine is on both the winter sow list and the spring/summer sow list). Some of the ones listed on the spring sow lists have started to germinate.

Here are my questions:

1) Did I make a mistake by sowing some of the stuff too early, or will they just be in the soil longer before they germinate? (I'm thinking that if they were in my yard and just fell off the plant, they would have been sitting in the ground all winter anyway. So, sowing them early just means that they will take longer to germinate when it warms up long enough)

2) When do you spring sow? Is it in the spring, ie at the end of march, or just before the last frost date? I think my average last freeze is around the middle to end of march. Should I start doing some of the annuals now?

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