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Do you think these 2 White Dawn will ever amount to anything?

14 years ago

brother cadfael mentioned on his thread that he's tried several times and may only grow it as a shrub. I fear that is what will happen for me.

I didn't winter protect. First one is planted on the east side of the house, mornng sun. Second one is planted on the south side of the garage, doesn't get a whole lot of sun either. By the garage is a real trouble spot. Only thing that grows well are columbine. I dug one out to plant one WD there. Also dug out an astilbe which was doing very poorly, moved to a different bed, and it is doing much better even though I haven't amended the soil in that bed. Set a heuchera off to the right last year, and it died. We amended the soil both spots last fall and tilled. The new paint has already flaked off the bottom shingles by the garage, probably due to winter dampness, but the soil there gets dry in summer, and I have to carry the sprinkling can to water, hose won't reach that far.

Both are paired with C. Madame Julia Correzon (sp?). C on the east side has topped the trellis already, just 2 vines so far (about 6') and lots of buds. C by the garage first vine climbed a ways then died, I may have damaged it trying to coax it from a stake to the trellis, but second one has climbed pretty high on the dead stem as well, no buds yet.

I so wanted the white red combo, have 2 once bloomers that look like Madame Plantier I rooted but will plant elsewhere for now. It might not be good by the house because it suckers and might mess up my new rhodies planted to the right.

If I end up having to replace White Dawn because it won't climb, what could I replace it with that would be hardier? I can get a taller trellis for Long John Silver (still may be too massive) by the house but it wouldn't work by the garage. I prefer a white, repeat bloomer, hardy, and good petal count, not a single.

I don't want a white clematis on there. Incidentally these shiny leafed roses are far more clean so far than any of the others. No pests yet by this, second year, maybe a little BS on Jeanne La Joie last year. I wonder why that is?

What would you do if these were yours? I'm prepared to take it all out by the garage and just grow columbine there.



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